At Wood & Moor we make perfume the way it used to be

… by hand in the place it’s sold from; east of Tower Bridge, west of the rest of the globe. 

This was once a place of quays and wharves, etched in railway sidings and ships’ rigging; where England’s capital looked out to the world and the world sailed in for centuries carrying many of the materials we now use, upstream on the tide to London. 

These days London Bridge is no longer falling down and the Thames moves too fast to freeze. But our home, Limehouse Basin, still does, creaking and stretching as winter comes and we find another beat in the rhythm of the city. 

This year, we are writing a new chapter in perfumery.

We’re making unusual perfumes for curious people. Our small batch scents tell stories of ourselves and the world. Stories of our ancient capital and its seasons as we are lifted and lowered under the moon and carried away by our magical, fragrant, materials. 

I was drawn to perfume by the alchemy of chemistry, art and memory; the portable magic that transfers from my self to yours through our noses, who knew they were also windows to the soul.

It is my joy to do this for pleasure but I believe we can also run a business differently and be an agent of change in the perfume industry.

Our Manifesto

• We are carbon negative –  where carbon is concerned, backwards is the only way forwards

• We will always be owned by the people who work here because shared talent deserves shared reward

• We are a female-led business

• We locally source our fully recyclable bottles: the packaging is riso-printed so fully compostable and the lids are eco-resin so they can go in the compost too

• We bring the art: our bottles are created in England, designed by local artists and finished in our workshop

• We believe in transparency – we’ll always tell you exactly what goes in the fragrances, not just the allergens

• We would like you to have go too! Our workshops will let you into the secrets of scent, the art of perfumery and give you a chance to make your own

We are busy crafting our first line of fragrances. They will be arriving with the Winter Solstice, 2024.

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